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Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory


Our research is focused on the chemistry (medicinal and synthetic organic/organometallic/inorganic) of designed molecules and building blocks for chemical synthesis, based on readily available starting materials.


Basic infrastructure facilities such as fume hoods and Schlenk lines to carry out air and moiture sensitive reactions and other facilities such as rotary evaporators, solvent distillation setup, refrigerators, hot-air oven, vacuum pumps, water circulation systems, balances etc are available. This laboratory is equiped with a flash chromatography system for routine purification of organic compounds.

Chemical Biology Laboratory


Our chemical/molecular biology laboratory has been set up recently to carry out protein expression, purification, and mutational studies. We are interested in the development of inhibitors for enzymes that are involved in specific diseases. This laboratory is equiped with standard molecular biology techniques, such as gel electrophoresis, blotting, thermal cycler, Gel-doc and chemiluminescence, refrigerated centrifuge, protein purification system, deep freezer, lyophilizer, autoclave, orbital shaker, microscope, CO2 incubator, magnetic stirrers & vortex etc.


We also have a cell culture facility to handle bacterial and mammalian cells.



The instrumentation facility in our laboratory includes HPLC and UPLC systems, LC-MS facility, microwave-based peptide synthesizer, water purification system. A computer cluster for theoretical calculations is also available. In addition to these facilties, our group has access to 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer,  various microscopes (AFM, SEM, TEM), single crystal and powder X-ray diffractometer, fluorescence, UV-Vis, FT-IR and FT-Raman spectrophotometers, MALDI-TOF, elemental analyzer etc.

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